Solar-Made Spirits. Kissed By The Sun.

A six-kilowatt solar array stands on the roof as a tribute to the authority of that great star we orbit, familiarly known as the sun. Blue jean insulation, a 100% recycled product, is used to insulate the walls. In addition to being a recyclable product, the denim also has outstanding sound barrier qualities. Soy-based spray foam insulation protects the second story ceiling. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint covers the walls. The flooring wasn’t ignored, either. Mother Earth Brewing’s corporate offices sport eco carpet partially made from renewable resources. Eco flush valves on toilets know just the right amount of water needed for “the job” and reduce water needed for flushing by 30%. Eco faucets in both bathrooms offer an unimaginable savings in water compared to conventional faucets. A state-of the-art tankless water heater heats water on demand, instead of using needless energy to keep hundreds of gallons of water heated at all times.

On top of everything you’ve just read above, the building housing Mother Earth Spirits has been turned into a LEED® Certified building.

How We Gather
Solar Energy