Mother Earth’s spirits start with the sun. They finish with our hard work.

Mother Earth Spirits can’t do what we do without the sun. And while we owe a debt of gratitude to the sun who provides our distillery with energy, we can’t make our hand-crafted spirits based on the sun’s rays alone. It takes great vision, hard work and a discerning quality assurance process to achieve tastes and flavors worthy of putting the Mother Earth name onto these products.



Kevin Graham

a.k.a. Big Shooter

Head Distiller, Mother Earth Spirits, Kinston, NC




What got me interested in being a distiller: ​

I have been brewing beer for quite some time. Home brewing is still a great hobby for me. After coming to Mother Earth Brewing a few years ago, my passion for the industry was heightened even more. I was fortunate enough to be involved with the birth of the distillery. Helping get it on its feet as much as possible while doing my regular duties at the brewery. I would help in whatever capacity I could to learn the process and eventually fell in love with the art of Craft Distilling.

My cocktail of choice and why I love it:

This is a tough question for me. I tend to enjoy a spirit for what it is. I think most of the time I will try various whiskies and other spirits with just ice. To me this allows me to taste the subtle under tones and botanical essences in the product without the influence of a mix. This is not to say I will not have a mixed drink. I do like hand crafted and inventive drinks made by a professional mixologist of which we are very lucky to have some of the best right here in Kinston.

My most highly recommended activity while in or around Kinston, NC:

Kinston has just so much to offer. History, art, food and beer of course. The CSS Neuse exhibit on Queen Street is a must see. There is so much civil war history in this area and this project is very well done. Kinston is teaming with great artists. One can just walk around and enjoy the art displayed at various locations in town or walk through a number of galleries as well. The food scene here is amazing! We are so lucky to have some of the finest chefs in the state right here. In talking with guests here at the brewery, the common expression is “Wow, I didn’t know Kinston had so much going on!”



Daniel Safley

Distiller, Mother Earth Spirits, Kinston, NC



What got me interested in being a distiller: ​

I started home brewing in college and realized it was my life’s calling. Once getting my foot in the door in the brewing industry, I wanted to continue to grow personally and professionally. I saw the growth of popularity in craft spirits both locally around North Carolina and broadly across the US and knew this was the direction in which I wanted to take my career. I started working at Mother Earth Brewing, but when presented with the opportunity to grow the Mother Earth Spirits brand, I jumped over to the Spirits side of the company. I am continuing to learn the art of distilling and am currently pursuing a Master Distiller certification through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

My cocktail of choice and why I love it:

It is hard to go wrong with an Old Fashioned. I am a whiskey/bourbon drinker, so I prefer to let the liquor do most of the flavoring in a cocktail.

My most highly recommended activity while in or around Kinston, NC:

I definitely recommend a visit to Chef and the Farmer. They have excellent food, awesome drinks, and a friendly staff.



Stephen Hill

Co-Founder & CEO, Mother Earth Spirits, Kinston, NC




My cocktail of choice:

Mother Earth Whiskey & Mother Earth Ginger Ale.

What got me interested in owning a distillery: ​

I have always been interested in distilling. A friend in Colorado makes some awesome spirits but will not sell them in North Carolina, so we thought we would make that same awesome product here in Kinston for all our friends to enjoy.

My most highly recommended activity while in or around Kinston, NC:

Dining. Kinston has some of the best restaurants in the South.



Trent Mooring

Co-Founder & President, Mother Earth Spirits, Kinston, NC




What got me interested in owning a distillery: ​

I actually never thought I would own a distillery. My passion was always the beer, but with a little research, I found that making spirits wasn’t that different than making beer. The natural progression of Mother Earth Brewing was to stick our nose in the spirits side. We like what we smelled. 🙂 Plus, the distillery allows us to continue to grow our creativity and pursue another artistic business and let our personalities shine.

My cocktail of choice and why I love it:

Mother Earth Gin and Tonic. Sometimes, simple is better. The simplistic approach of a G & T really lets the botanicals of the gin shine, and those juniper & citrus flavors are what I enjoy the most. The tonic enhances the attributes of the spirit and gives it a great nose.

My most highly recommended activity while in or around Kinston, NC:

Being born and bred in Lenoir County, there are all kind of activities to enjoy. I sometimes joke with my wife that I have so many hobbies I get stressed out. But one of the things I do the most is what I call “going around”. I love to just go running, get in my car, or on my bike and just “go around” and take in the culture of Eastern NC. You can come explore Downtown Kinston and all the revitalization or watch a sunset over a cotton field outside of town. Just being in the element of Eastern North Carolina and taking in the beauty of the land is the best recommendation I could give any visitor, to really enjoy the art of true southern living.